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December 19, 2012 | 2:01 pm CST

Doucet Machineries, Inc. offers a Laminated Beam Vertical Cold Press for the production of straight or preloaded curved beams of Glulam. The press, depending on the configurations, has the capacity for up to 60' long material and includes automatic side pressure bars for consistent stock alignment. The system centers on a new modular vertical laminating press that can be expanded to offer various lengths and widths. Multiples of these linear presses can be fit side by side to allow the varying levels of production capacity needed, and the system can be designed with levels of expandability in mind for future growth. The full automated system incorporates five stages: loading magazine, infeed shuttle delivery system, laminating press, exit shuttle system, and horizontal outfeed conveyor. Individual boards in a linear line, pass thru glue application and enter the magazine or accumulator. The accumulator is tilted to its side in this stage and is loaded from the top side. The magazine has adjustable lateral guides to set the beam width. As each board is added, the magazine indexes down to receive the next piece, until the process is finished.

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