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Solid carbide & carbide-tipped bits

Whiteside Machine introduces 25 new tools in the carbide tipped and solid carbide router bit categories. Offered is a line of solid carbide brad point drill bits with diameters from 5/32 to 1/4 inch; a line of rabbet bits for tapered joints on rocking chairs, a range of radius flute cutters for tongue and groove flooring, an extended offering of solid carbide compression spirals; six new SKU’S in the Ultra-Long Ultimate Flush Trim series, two new 15° Shaker stile and rail sets for cabinet doors, and a new large diameter slot and undercut bit for hardwood flooring.

Other new tools include a 45° double chamfer assembly, a range of 120° V-groove bits, a general-purpose CNC router bit set, and a 14-piece deluxe selection of CNC router bits called “The Works” for cutting wood, plastics, and aluminum.

The new 2024 catalog is available to download at


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