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Shrink fit tooling and machine technology

Rineck shrink fit tooling and shrink fit machine technology available from Platinum Tooling are available with various connections including CAT, HSK, BT, SK, PSC and straight shank extensions. In addition, ER shrink fit collets are available. For added rigidity, flange or dual contact holders are available for CAT and BT tapers.  A clamping range from 3 mm to 32 mm is possible for both slim and standard styles. All tools are available in inch and metric sizes.   
Rineck produces a wide range of standard shrink fit tool holders as well as custom tooling.  In addition to standard 4.5° taper tools, 3° slim and extra slim tools are available. Most holders come standard with length adjusting screws. Coolant delivery to the cutting tool can be achieved either through the center or flange of the tool holder utilizing coolant jets or slots.      

In addition to shrink fit tool holders, Platinum Tooling will offer shrink fit machine technology. Equipped with an elevation cooling system, heated tools can be moved to a cooling tank with a push of a button. The machine’s smart design keeps accessories stored but close at hand during operation.