Network-Capable Tooling Engineered with eApp Chips

Leitz Tooling says it connects people, tooling and products with its new network-capable tooling. The tools are engineered with eApp chips, which will allow users to monitor tooling conditions without shutting down production. This will help ensure more consistent processing quality and manage service cycles more effectively, says the Leitz. Other features include advances in zero joint technology, hybrid tools, and the processing of non-wood materials. Leitz also offers a new program for circular saw blades, HeliCut 11 routers for solid wood processing, and an improved version of the ProfilCut cutterhead system. Leitz offers high-technology engineering and manufacturing of precision tooling systems for machining wood, plastics and advanced composites. A comprehensive range of tooling solutions is designed and produced in-house for industrial and traditional panel processing, adds the company. Leitz also offers a complete package of consulting and services, including precision sharpening and reconditioning.

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