Fingerjoint cutter switches between HSS and PCD tools
May 15, 2022 | 1:48 pm CDT

The Endurance Diamond fingerjoint cutter tool from Peak Toolworks is strong enough to cut through all types of solid wood materials, including wood with knots and defects, the company says. It can be used for softwood, hardwoods, and structural and non-structural work. The PCD tool does not wear out when cutting solid wood. The ability to jump from an HSS tool to a PCD tool is a great benefit in terms of profitability due to fewer tool changes, the company says. Reduced and simplified maintenance of the E.D.F.J. system also saves on labor costs. 

According to the company, there is a labor cost savings with the E.D.F.J. system from how simple it is to change knives and because the head will run for 2 to 4 months before it needs to be serviced. Weekly cleaning and inspection are all that are typically needed.

The Endurance Diamond Finger Joint system is an insert system that employs the standard relief angles that are wanted in a cutting tool, to achieve a nice clean cut. Hence the joint is clean and crisp and practically splinter free. 

The E.D.F.J. system typically has 8 to 12 inserts in it vs. 120 individual knives. The profile is eroded by a wire EDM type erosion machine so the profile is as accurate as mechanically possible. The E.D.F.J. cutter head has insert pockets that are axial and radial adjustable which makes it possible to align the inserts within just a couple thousandths of an inch. The accuracy of the E.D.F.J. tooling system means the joints are stronger, the parts press together easier and the finished product is very straight.