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Challengers Entrants: Extended Life Series - 'E/L' Designation

This brand new Extended Life router bit tool series is manufactured exclusively by R & B Tool Supply, Inc. This Extended Life router bit tool series is the most advanced solid carbide tooling series modern engineering and industrial science have produced to date. Our Extended Life series was developed for the most difficult to cut formaldehyde-free wood composite materials, High Pressure Laminate panels and other abrasive composite materials. It may still be used with natural woods adn plastics.


About R & B Tool Supply, Inc.

R & B Tool Supply, Inc. says its Extended Life CNC router bit product line can dramatically reduce your tooling cost per sheet. Lasting up to 4 times longer at roughly half the combined total cost of industry value tooling. Available are single-edge, double-edge and three-edge tools, in a range of sizes, for a variety of woodworking applications.