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Spiral Router Bit
December 5, 2013 | 5:08 pm CST

Amana Tool introduces its new Solid Carbide Spiral Plastic Flush Trim Bit with double ball bearings (item #51436). Amana Tool says the trim bit is ideal for trimming plastic and laminate materials and is a small bit that can easily maneuver in tight corners and intricate designs. The two-flute router bit has a mirror finish polish and sharp cutting edge for producing clean, smooth cuts in plastics, adds Amana. The finish also aids in chip removal and helps prevent chip re-welding or adhering to the tool. while helping to extend tool life, says the company. The router bit can be used for handheld and tabletop routers, and the double ball bearing design provides smooth action around the contours of a template, due to increased stability. The double ball bearing flush trim bit is designed as a compliment to Amana’s CNC solid carbide spiral “O” flute router bits for plastic materials (item #51404) Item 51436 is available in a ¼” diameter and starts at $43.43 (U.S.).

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