This was our second year at the Cabinets and Closets Expo, and we had a great time catching up with longtime customers and meeting new members of the industry.

A major highlight this year was sharing the booth with our new partners from our Ampine division. Having Ampine at the booth provided an excellent opportunity for Timber Products to introduce our customers to their line. It also gave Ampine valuable face time with their loyal customers.

Building Relationships with Cabinetmakers

Most of the expo’s attendees were cabinetmakers who own their own shops, though there was also a good turnout of distributors.

One thing many of these cabinetmakers found appealing about working with Timber Products is the amount of control we have over our product throughout the manufacturing process – from growing and harvesting the trees to the high level of attention each order receives. Most companies are not able to provide a comparable level of service and customization, which is something many of the attendees at the Expo told us they were looking for.

Cabinet and Closet Trends

One reason expos like Cabinets and Closets are so valuable is the chance to learn about new trends in the industry. Here’s what caught our attention this year:

  • We saw more high-gloss laminates and textured laminates, with a shift toward higher-end products. As laminate quality continues to improve, it’s likely that laminate products will stop being considered commodities and have a more elevated status with a greater emphasis on design.
  • A customer favorite this year was our melamine, particularly the glass melamine and textured melamine. We agree – it’s quite eye-catching – and expect to see growth in the demand for melamine.
  • The way cabinetmakers are buying wood products is constantly changing. While people used to buy bulk amounts of more generic products, like commodity red oak, buyers are now targeting more unique, high-end items and exotic species of wood.

If you’d like to learn more about how we’re evolving with industry trends, don’t hesitate to email us.

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