BUFFALO, NY - Norwood Sawmills says it earned eight technology patents this year for its sawmilling technology to improve sawing efficiency and productivity.

“We build new inventions into our sawmills, so customers can cut more valuable lumber faster and easier," says Norwood Sawmills’ president Ashlynne Dale. Norwood Sawmills says it now has 45 patents registered and pending in multiple countries, which it claims is more than the combined total of all the other sawmill companies around the world put together.

Norwood says its engineers  focus on reducing operator workload, increasing capacity and boosting production. It latest registered patents protect sawmilling inventions incorporated into the LumberMate Pro MX34 full-sized portable sawmill and LumberLite ML26 mid-sized bandsaw mill. Patented items include:

Portable sawmills allow woodworkers to experience every part of the process from cut to finish, says David Boyt, above.

● Auto-lock sawhead system for adjusting the blade’s depth-of-cut before cutting each board.

● Quick-set log rests to reduce the time it takes to clamp a log in place.

● Auto-blade lube system to automatically tuen water flow to the blade on and off before and after each cut, saving the operator  time.

● Auto blade-brake and blade-engagement system automatically looks after powering up and stopping the blade, thereby relieving the operator of yet more time-consuming operations.

● Ceramic blade-guide design adapted from large industrial operations to portable sawmilling applications.

Norwood says it will apply for another half-dozen wood processing patents in 2013.  “Norwood sawmills will become so advanced, they may even open your beer after your day of cutting lumber is done,” Dale jokes.


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