Woodworking machinery giant SCM restarts production in Italy
May 1, 2020 | 3:31 pm UTC
ITALY - SCM has restarted its operations in Italy, in full compliance with the safety health protocols set out in the country's new Prime Ministerial Decree. 
"A restart that allows us to be even closer to our customers and partners to whom we have always given and will continue to give our utmost support, increasing the digital tools and services for remote training, after-sales and demonstrations," says the company. 
"The reopening of production units will follow a strategic plan of gradual and progressive re-launch, in coordination with the suppliers in our production chain, to comply with all the arrangements for the protection of workers' health as much as possible."
SCM says it will be fully involved in improving the level of service provided to its customers, ensuring they receive all the support needed to optimise production processes and develop their businesses.
"Even with the limitations imposed by the lockdown, in Italy as with other markets, SCM never once stopped assisting its business partners, sales network and operating branches across the globe. It carried on, further developing all the remote support activities, training and assistance. This was thanks to a targeted digital strategy to stay in touch with all the industry businesses, even from afar."
The SCM team will continue to work in smart working to assist customers and sales workers even "remotely". Meetings, conference calls, practical demonstrations and online courses were all ramped up.
Here's some of what the company offers:
The “Maestro connect” platform provides instant access to a vast range of digital services which means the SCM team can assist wood industry operators in maximising all the service and maintenance activities.
In particular, the "Smartech" augmented reality service, which incorporates video functions, camera, microphone and loudspeaker with wireless connection, means SCM experts can diagnose and solve problems in real time thanks to a wearable computer and specific control software. A hands-free, two-way communication with interactive data sharing.
In addition, thanks to the "e-Campus" platform, SCM has further enhanced all its training activities with online courses, video tutorials and webinars on key woodworking matters, designed for technicians in branches as well as dealers and customers across the globe.

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