Wilsonart launches sustainability Web site
TEMPLE, TXWilsonart launched a new Web site, sustain.wilsonart.com, to present a comprehensive view of what it siad it has done and will continue to do as a responsible partner in global environmental stewardship. Wilsonart said the new site presents a balanced view of how the company’s products and processes fit into the larger sustainability picture.

Under the direction of Rajesh Ramamurthy, director of sustainability, Wilsonart worked closely within all parts of the company to identify and monitor programs and develop a plan for continuous improvement in incorporating all aspects in its products and processes. This year, key products, including laminate, flooring and solid surface, were certified for recycled content by Scientific Certification Systems, a third-party endorser of environmental sustainability claims.

The new Web site takes a holistic approach to presenting the company’s commitment to its industry partners in providing environmentally sound solutions. It includes various elements, such as people, products, processes and planet.

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