LAS VEGAS - VSR Industries won a court decision regarding placement of video screens in slot machine cabinetry.
The United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit affirmed the Patent Trial and Appeal Board’s decision that the Cole Kepro International LLC’s ‘814 patent was invalid, related to casino gambling slot machine cabinets.
The court ruled in favor of VSR Industries, finding that its invalidity would have been obvious at the time of the invention. This patent was pertaining to the video display placement on the gaming machine cabinet.
VSR Industries has an extensive woodshop, with four 5x10 Nested Based CNC's with Auto Load/Off Load; a  4x10 Beam Saw; a 5 x12 Point to Point CNC; a Triathlon Edge Bander; three table saws, and a spray booth. 
The appeals court said that the board’s previous May 2016 decision regarding Intellectual Property Rights, in a review requested by rival VSR Industries Inc, was supported by substantial evidence. The Federal Circuit deliberation considered and dismissed every argument raised by Cole Kepro, and affirmed the PTAB’s invalidation in every respect.
Colt Vollmann, President/CEO of VSR Industries stated that VSR was very pleased with the outcome of the case. “This will alleviate any future issues regarding the ‘814 patent with VSR’s emerging slot cabinet manufacturing business segment and allow us to expand and grow,” said Vollmann.
VSR Industries specializes in producing casino/lottery gambling machine cabinets, metal/wood casino slot bases and high security locks for the gaming industry. VSR also produces large scale millwork projects from one of the most capable wood shops in Nevada, employing lean manufacturing techniques and constant refinement its equipment and processes ensure that our millwork is consistent in quality and speed of delivery. The 40,000 square foot woodshop has seen $2.5 million in equipment investment. 
VSR has over 200 employees within their 150,000 square foot facilities, manufacturing all products in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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