GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Stiles Machinery Inc. is supporting Homag for its award-winning intelliGuide panel saw operator assistance system, which won the title of the Most Important Ligna Innovation of 2017 at this year’s Ligna Innovations Symposium in Hanover, Germany.

Stiles is the exclusive provider of Homag’s intelliGuide system to the North American market. The intelliGuide system supports the saw operator by responding to their movements in real time and visually guiding them through the use of an LED light strip and laser technology that is projected directly onto the workpieces during operation.

The camera system located on the top of the machine enables the intelliGuide to detect which workpiece is being inserted into the machine and how it is positioned prior to operation. If the operator makes a mistake, the intelliGuide system responds by adjusting the saw’s actions or informing the operator of the appropriate steps to correct the error.

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