PROVIDENCE, R.I.  -  The three-story factory building at Modern Industries was spared more extensive damage when quick-thinking employees disconnected the dust collection dustwork from the bag house sawdust collection bags. 
The Providence, Rhode Island, Fire Department tweeted a report at 5:00 a.m. of a machine at Modern Industries' woodshop that was smoking and casting sparks. The dust collection ductwork pulled in the sparks, and this caused a fire within the piping as dust within it started to burn.
But employees kept the fire from reaching the central dust collection system by disconnecting it, the Providence Journal reports, limiting the fire to 50 or 60 feet of ducts. Firefights took sections apart to combat the fire. 
Ned Capozzi, Jr., President and third generation of the founder, joined the firm in 1982 and expanded MD+C’s focus to include high-end residential and corporate projects. Today MD+C employs 35 design and building professionals who collaborate on 25 major residential, corporate, healthcare, and hospitality projects annually. 
Modern Industries, which opened in 1932, occupies a building erected in 1895. The firm grew repidly in response to the need for newly designed hospitality and retail stores following Prohibition’s repeal.

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