CENTRAL POINT, OREGON – – Microvellum Inc., a cabinet and manufacturing software provider, specializing in AutoCAD based CAD/CAM/CIM technologies, announced the conclusion of its first annual TechCon 2016 event, Microvellum’s North American User Group Conference.

The event, which drew more than 140 woodworking professionals, Microvellum Software users, technicians, and account managers from across the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand focused around the theme “Iron Sharpens Iron”, which relates to the interaction and constructive feedback between Microvellum’s customers and their service and development teams.

Microvellum’s director of operations, David Fairbanks, kicked off the opening general session by encouraging all in attendance to learn from each other; learn from real world user experiences and ideas; learn from power users and gain best practices.

“Our goal over the next few days is to provide an arena for you, our customers, to learn, to be heard, and to work with others to gain the knowledge you need to not just be successful, but to become empowered to take your company to the next level.”

The first day’s session began with a New Product Showcase, led by Dominic Florez, Microvellum’s director of development and the development team. This educational presentation gave attendees a short glimpse into some of the new features that they would be learning throughout the two-day event.

One of the new features highlighted was Extruded Product Builder (EPB), a new AutoCAD-based tool engineered to simplify the creation of complicated products like diewalls, furniture, reception areas, and banquette seating.

Microvellum also officially released of their Fluid Designer software, a Blender-based tool developed specifically for companies that require fast design, fast rendering, accurate pricing and syncs to Microvellum’s manufacturing engine.  Attendees had the opportunity to meet with product developers, receive training and discuss implementation and setup.

Fluid Designer is intended for companies looking to provide their designer networks with a design solution that not only syncs with manufacturing, but also provides cutting-edge tools for virtual reality, fast and unmatched quality renderings, and offers a completely customizable user experience. Fluid Designer currently offers a Face Frame, Frameless, and Closet product library.

Attendees also saw the new Component Product Library, a new and simplified face frame and frameless product library that provides users the ultimate flexibility of formula driven products combined with the simplicity of product subassembly inserts for custom product creation. These classes, led by Lenny Scianna, were some of the most popular of the two-day event, often left with standing room only.

The TechCon 2016 schedule was arranged to allow customers the flexibility to roam through the entire event, and choose the courses they wanted to participate in.

“TechCon provided excellent access to the guys that have the answers. It also provided valuable insight into where the software is going in the future. Great Conference! Keep doing what you’re doing!” commented Rick Zaik of CenterMark Industries

Attendees were also treated to a developer conference, led by Florez and the rest of the development team. This 2-hour, interactive session gave attendees the ability to comment on new features, present ideas for future product development and discuss existing features.

“How many opportunities do you get to sit down with every developer of a software company and share ideas and feedback? To me that was priceless.” commented Josh Neltner from Benchmark Cabinets & Millwork

“We really appreciated the direct line that was open to the development team during TechCon. To hear what they will be working on in the coming year and also to be able to suggest ideas in an open forum, really felt like we are able to have direct impact with the software that we depend so heavily upon.” commented Peter Kearney of Giffin Interiors

The second day started with one-on-one workshops and once again provided an open forum for dialog with Microvellum’s entire team.

Microvellum’s next TechCon event is scheduled for Spring 2017 in Central Point, Oregon. For more information about Microvellum, see: www.microvellum.com.

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