FREMONT, CA -- Four years ago Lockdowel engineers invented the EClips slide-to-lock fastener design that it says cuts assembly time for cabinets, furniture and fixtures by 60%. To commemorate this day in the company’s history they are offering their entire line of fasteners, drawer slides, hinges, router bits and more at 10% off May 1 through May 14. Everything on the company’s online store is discounted when customers purchase $250 or more of product.

“This was truly a turning point in Lockdowel’s history,” CEO Stephen Anderson says. “This was the day that Lockdowel leaped to the front of the tool-less, glue-less, faster, better wood fastening race. We recognize accomplishments like these because we have come so far!”

Lockdowel’s EClips fastener line includes the company’s signature neon green, slide-to-lock Barbed Channel Lock Fastener. This fastener also comes in metal and a mini model for smaller boards. Also in the EClips family is the company’s H-Clip fastener. “The difference between the Barbed Channel Lock and the H-Clip Fastener is that the Barbed Channel Lock can be unassembled and reassembled quickly and easily,” Anderson explains.  “All EClips fasteners are invisible when secured.”

According to the company both the regular size barbed channel lock and the H-Clip fastener have undergone strenuous testing to prepare for the new AWI standard tests. To date, the fasteners have exceeded commercial strength tests and even institutional standards for woodworking fasteners, holding more than 1,000 pounds on a one-inch shelf.

The Lockdowel 10% savings promotion is in addition to:

  • 60% Savings (or more!) in assembly Labor Costs gained by using Lockdowel fasteners and drawer slides
  • 80%  Savings in Shipping and Warehousing when Flat-packing with Lockdowel
  • The company’s already reduced 50% OFF Lockdowel Evaluation Kits.

All orders from the company’s online store at are eligible and the discount will be given at check out.

About Lockdowel

Lockdowel provides simple manufacturing, assembly, and installation solutions for cabinets, furniture, closets, fixtures and architectural millwork.  In the video below a drawer is assembled in 26 seconds.

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