LANCASTER, Penn. - Knot & Ore, LLC is a new contemporary design furniture manufacturer launching on July 1, 2017. The company specializes in urban industrial, reclaimed, and live edge indoor furniture. Most of the materials are sourced locally, and all of the manufacturing is done in Lancaster.


Wood Pro Expo Lancaster plans job board 

Registration is now open for Wood Pro Expo 2017, October 19-20 at the Lancaster Host Expo Center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Drawing on diverse experience with metal and wood, the team at Knot & Ore says it "strives to bring these (two, essential, elemental) components together in (memorable, beautiful) ways. The brand seeks to offer a highly customized customer experience that treats each piece of furniture as an end to itself. While some furniture is organized into collections, each piece is designed and built exactly to the customer’s standards."


Why We Started a New Business in Lancaster

Steve Riehl speaks at Wood Pro Expo about design trends and Amish traditions that brought Knot & Ore to launch a new business.

Knot & Ore offers complimentary 3D renderings to help customers visualize a piece before it is built. The team includes a majority of Amish craftsman whose specialty and time-honored techniques shine through in the final products. Steve Riehl will 

outline his company's launch during Wood Pro Expo on October 20, 2017 at the Lancaster, PA, Host Expo and Conference Center.

"The idea for this company started when the guys at Breeo, a steel manufacturing company, and the Steve at Byerstown Woodworks started discussing doing wood/metal urban industrial furniture," says Jonathan Miller, who handles marketing. "Of all the Amish manufacturing companies in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana there didn't appear to be anyone building this type of furniture."

Jonathan Miller, marketing, strategy, and lifestyle. He has a background in furniture marketing & developing wholesale distribution networks. 
Those original discussions morphed into real designing and manufacturing, and the company Knot & Ore was born. The concept of building high quality, locally made urban industrial furniture is the primary aim of Knot & Ore.
Furniture is built using only American Hardwoods & American steel.  Live edge pieces are sourced locally from Pennsylvania. Exposed welds, rivets, and clear finishes allow the character of the metal to shine through.

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