CHICAGO -- KI’s Tattoo workplace design received a Best of NeoCon Gold award during the recent exhibition.

According to KI before the event, the Green Bay company heard stories of frustration as project teams tried to find a place that would accommodate their needs. Often, this was a cramped conference room in an inconvenient location. KI heard stories of coworkers who longed for visual privacy in a sea of open-plan spaces, and they heard stories from leadership teams wondering why production wasn’t where it needed to be despite having the talent on board.

The Tattoo design was intended to be adaptable to the fluidity of today’s workforce as well as people’s individual work styles. So the company took a different approach to the design of panel-based systems furniture.

Tattoo is a design philosophy that provides employees with control over their environment, according to KI. It gives them the ability to easily flow from group think to I-think with a few simple elements: screens, height-adjustable tables, storage and lounge seating. Employees can rearrange these elements on the fly without tools or the need to involve facilities.

Employees can move, manipulate and modify personal and collective spaces. This innovative approach to a systems-like solution encourages higher levels of personal privacy, interaction, ideation and reflection. See

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