PEYTON, CO - Wood industry representatives joined students for the launching of Peyton Colorado School District's first semester of Woods Manufacturing classes. Targeted to high school students, the charter program offers entry level through advanced cabinet manufacturing.

According to The Colorado Springs Gazette, approximately 40 students are currently enrolled in the woodworking program, which has a capacity for 120, including those students in other districts. Woods Manufacturing Program, Peyton, COThe Woods Manufacturing program is under the direction of Dean Mattson, who won the 2013 WMIA Wooden Globe Award for Educator of the Year as head of a similar program at North Salem High School in Oregon.

The Woods Manufacturing program has received support from the woodworking industry, with donations of  equipment, technology and supplies coming from a number of companies, including: Stiles Machinery, Timesavers, Felder, Williams & Hussey, Cabinet Vision and Blum.

With classes now underway, a formal dedication for the center is scheduled for Oct. 26-27. Looking ahead, both Mattson and the district said they've set a goal of January 2017 for expanding the program and building a national woodworking education center for high school students as well as adults. A nonprofit foundation is being set up to handle contributions.

The Woods Manufacturing classes are part of a three-pronged trades center within Peyton District 23-JT, that also includes construction and automotive training.
Woods Manufacturing Program, Peyton, CO
Woods Manufacturing Program, Peyton, CO

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