EGGER Group acquires wood recycling facility

LEXINGTON, N.C. — EGGER Group, a global leader in the manufacturing of wood-based materials, has acquired the business and assets of Novem Industries, Inc., a wood recycling facility located in Charlotte, N.C.

The acquisition, via EGGER’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Timberpak, LLC, is expected to enhance the mission of EGGER Wood Products LLC to create more from wood and to be sustainable for future generations. Timberpak finalized the acquisition on Jan. 3, 2023. Details of the acquisition were not released. 

“This acquisition will not only serve an important role in bolstering our sustainability initiatives here in North America but will also better position us in key markets as we continue to expand and grow,” said Markus Frevert, plant manager for production at EGGER Wood Products. “Timberpak will process post-consumer recycled materials to be used in the production of particleboard and thermally fused laminate products at our Lexington, North Carolina manufacturing plant. This diverts resources that would have otherwise gone to landfills.”

With the Novem Industries acquisition, Timberpak intends to transition and adapt its European-based processes and procedures to meet the needs of EGGER’s Lexington plant, supplying raw materials for the plant’s on-site wood-recycling operations, which is currently under construction. Timberpak will serve as an additional source of wood for EGGER’s particleboard and thermally fused laminate (TFL) production while furthering the company’s sustainability goals.

In addition to Timberpak’s acquisition and new operational location, EGGER Wood Products has strengthened its mission toward sustainable production by investing an additional $38 million in its Lexington production plant, which will further the ability to process raw recycled materials on site. Timberpak will be a valued partner in the new recycling operation.

The Charlotte location, which is now Timberpak’s 14th worldwide facility, will continue to serve Novem’s existing customer base and retain the company’s six employees. The newly established North American Timberpak plant will be an addition to EGGER’s existing waste wood collection operations in the United Kingdom, Romania, France, Germany, and Poland. 

Timberpak will accept construction and demolition waste wood, in addition to packaging waste—primarily used and broken pallets—from distribution centers for industrial manufacturing. The wood will be ground into pieces about one foot in length before delivery to EGGER’s Lexington production plant.

Further processing will occur at the on-site wood recycling facility, which is expected to be completed in early spring. The recycled wood will be screened for metal, stones, plastic, and other foreign materials as it is crushed into appropriately sized chips for particleboard production.


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