Craftsman Tools launches carpentry boot camp
Craftsman Hammerhead145.jpg
CHICAGO - Distancing itself from professionals, Craftsman Tools markets power woodworking tools to total amateurs, with a reality show placing an aspiring do-it-yourselfer in a Chicago apartment for boot-camp carpentry training from experts. Subjects in the show will have to extricate themselves from challenging settings using power tools.

Craftsman power woodworking tools such as bench saws and radial miter saws have historically enjoyed popularity among smaller woodworking shops over the years. Lately Craftsman has been augmenting its line with newly engineered products, such as a Nextec G2 Hammerhead Auto Hammer: Originally introduced in 2009, it has 3,600 impacts per minute for driving nails with minimal effort into finished wood and lumber. The newest version has an articulating head that allows the user to access right angles and 45 degree angles, as well as  and straight above the head (zero degrees).

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