ORLANDO - CNCMachines.net, an American used CNC machine dealer based in Florida, announced it is accepting applications for a $2,000 scholarship for students enrolled in a CNC machinist, CNC operations, engineering or manufacturing certificate or degree program. 
As part of the award process, the scholarship recipient's school will also receive a $500 donation made to their machining or manufacturing department to help fund purchase or upgrade of tools or supplies.
Founded in 2014 by Curt Doherty, CNCMachines.net is a used CNC machine dealer, carrying more than 500 machines to meet the needs of small to mid-sized manufacturers.
 "I've been in the manufacturing industry for 15 years and that's where my heart is," said Doherty. "The CNCMachines.net team shares that passion, believes in American manufacturing, and wants to invest in its future so it can remain competitive on a global scale."
According to The Skills Gap in Manufacturing Report by Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute, seven out of 10 manufacturing executives reported shortages of workers with adequate technology, computer, and technical training skills. Of the executives they interviewed for the report, 72 percent agreed that involvement with local schools and community colleges is effective in combating that trend.
"A shortage of skilled labor is probably the manufacturing industry's greatest challenge. This CNCMachines.net scholarship and accompanying school donation is our way of encouraging students to enter the industry and supporting the schools educating them," added Doherty.
The application deadline is Jan. 1, 2019 and the winner and their school will be selected on January 22.
To be considered, applicants must submit an essay of 500–1000 words detailing three innovative ways the industry can effectively increase the number of young professionals seeking careers in manufacturing. Alternately, video submissions of one to three minutes are also accepted.
Submission details and the scholarship application can be found here.

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