Special SRX Clamp Carrier developed for Imperial Woodworks Inc.

Daveluyville, Quebec, Canada - In July of 2012, Doucet distributor Erich Mazurek of Maze Machinery LLC introduced us to a new customer, Imperial Woodworks, Inc. in Waco, Texas. The customer, Ryan Back, requested a special clamping solution for laminating curved panels up to 24' long for use in various parts of radial church pews. Working together with Mark Sitz, the Regional Sales Representative from Doucet, details and ideas were developed for a special solution for their application.

Special SRX Clamp Carrier developed for Imperial Woodworks Inc.This new project posed the need for new designs including:

• Special pivoting rocker plates

• Extended clamp length

• Redesigned frame assembly and clamp mounting

Doucet engineering also had to ensure that the clamps could manage a minimum radius of 20' across a 20' length without a separate top arch insert.

In January 2013, the new SRX system was delivered and installed at Imperial Woodworks, Inc.

Doucet and Imperial Woodworks, Inc. are happy to announce that this collaboration has been a success and the customer has now been able to increase their capabilities while reducing the excessive labor that would normally be needed to make such panels.

Doucet greatly appreciates our customer's special input regarding their special needs, and after review and design, can now offer our customers a special solution for long curved panel clamping.

Source: Doucet


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