Monarch Z Clip Selector Tool Simplifies Product Selection

Monarch Z Clip Selector Tool Simplifies Product SelectionBOHEMIA, NY – Monarch Metal has launched a web tool to help customers choose the right Monarch Z Clip for their hanging application.

Oftentimes, installers and architects need assistance in determining the right panel hanging system to use or what the constraints are of that system. With the new Monarch Z Clip Selector Tool, users can receive a recommendation in real time, along with relevant load rating and complementary hardware data.

The Monarch Z Clip Selector Tool asks users to input the environment of the project (indoor / outdoor), the clearance between the top of the panel and the finished ceiling, the material and thickness of the panel and the substrate of the mounting surface. The instantaneous output is a recommendation of the right Monarch Z Clip for the application, what screw to use with the panel clips on the rear side of the panel and what screw to use for the continuous lengths along the wall.

In addition, the Monarch Z Clip Selector Tool gives load bearing information related to the third party testing shear testing that Monarch recently conducted on its panel hanging system.

Chris Smith of Monarch Metal commented, "We put a lot of time and effort into making the experience of working with Monarch as easy as possible for customers. Our new tool will allow users to get recommendations on the right system 24 hours a day.”

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About Monarch Metal Fabrication:

Monarch Metal is a leading manufacturer of Monarch Z Clips | Panel Clips, aluminum angle, standoffs, kick plates, corner guards and over 450 other structural shapes available in a variety of materials. Monarch prides itself on its same day shipping and a friendly customer service staff that is ready to bend over backwards to make its customers lives easier. 

Source: Monarch Metal


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