Laguna Tools' Adds Multimaster CNC
August 7, 2013 | 9:46 am CDT

Laguna Tools' Adds Multimaster CNCLAS VEGAS -Laguna Tools, a leading U.S. innovator of woodworking machines for industry professionals and serious hobbyists alike, recently announced the addition of a multitasking, cost-effective new router platform to its product lineup – the Multimaster CNC.

“This truly is the ultimate multitasking CNC router, because of its remarkable versatility and robust inclusion of components,” said Torben Helshoj, President of Laguna Tools. “We’ve configured the Multimaster CNC to meet an endless number of production needs with a single router platform.”

The new Multimaster CNC is ideally suited for a multitude of business categories, knife-cutting applications and materials, from sign and graphic shops, digital printing, packaging and aerospace to materials such as cork, honeycomb cardboard, single-ply cloth and fabric, corrugated cardboard vinyl veneers, corrugated plastic, leather goods and much more. For Helshoj, who founded Laguna Tools 29 years ago to offer the highest-quality equipment in the industry at surprisingly affordable prices, the Multimaster CNC represents a significant breakthrough in the woodworking router arena.

“We listened to our customers and basically gave them everything they could ever want (and more) in a single CNC router configuration,” he said. “For starters, we added a stock 4 HP spindle, along with an unbelievable array of various tool possibilities,including a tangential knife system, roller creasing wheel, oscillating tangential saw, right angle spindle, secondary spindle for metal (low RPM), repeated drilling process, Braille distributor and pneumatic self-feed tapping system. And by the way, since the Multimaster uses Laguna’s 4th axis control set, a lathe can be added.”

Helshoj believes one of the reasons that Laguna Tools is so successful as an innovator
is that many of the employees at the Irvine-based company are avid woodworkers

“When we set out to create or drastically improve a new machine, we not only listen to our customers, but we also ask ourselves, ‘Is this a piece of equipment we would love using?’” said Torben, winner of the prestigious Silver Medal for outstanding woodworking awarded by the Queen of Denmark before coming to the U.S. “We don’t leave any detail unexamined when it comes to performance, safety and price, and the Multimaster CNC is an excellent example of just that.”

He says another key feature of the Multimaster CNC is the retraction of adde devices on precision linear pneumatic slides, so when not in use, they are tucked safely out of the way while routing. Another detail that Helshoj is proud of is the identification of each item by a specific tool number, allowing for flawless transitions between tools within a program. “Based on the initial reaction to the Multimaster CNC, we’re confident that our clients are going to marvel at its multitasking flexibility for an affordable price,” he added. The Laguna Tools MultiMaster CNC is currently on display at Booth 7512… so stop by and watch it in action, along with other innovative machines on display or call

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