Jet Shop Talk Website Lets Jet Tool Users Share Their Enthusiasm

LaVergne, TN – If one thing unites JET® owners, it’s enthusiasm for their shop tools, projects and the brand. JET has launched JET Shop Talk, a new website ( where members of the JET community can show their enthusiasm, share projects and talk shop. JET’s full range of woodworking and metalworking machinery is widely known for superior workmanship, performance and durability.

Jet Shop Talk Website Lets Jet Tool Users Share Their Enthusiasm“Most tool-oriented websites quickly get down to the business of product features and benefits, specs, prices and manuals, with perhaps some instructional videos” said Bob Varzino, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Internet of Walter Meier (Manufacturing), Inc. “But what’s missing is the value of encouraging customers to tell their personal stories about their woodworking and metalworking experiences. JET Shop Talk celebrates the pride, satisfaction and enjoyment that enthusiasts get from using JET tools and the projects they create.”

One look at JET Shop Talk is bound to generate excitement and invite interaction. The site is packed with stories, deals, videos, media buzz, tips and techniques, and opportunities to join in. JET Shop Talk is separate from JET’s corporate website,, but the two sites are linked and integrated.

Among JET Shop Talk’s special features are Daily Deal, Your Stories, Hot Tools, Promotions and JET Buzz.

Daily Deal will feature the promotion of a different JET tool each day from Oct. 26 until Dec. 31, 2012. Visitors to the site can submit their email addresses for a drawing to receive 50 percent off the purchase price of that day’s featured product, which might be a contractor table saw, belt grinder or dust collector. A new winner will be posted every day on JET Shop Talk, as well as the JET Facebook page. Winners will have 90 days to redeem their 50 percent off coupons.

Your Stories are just that. JET tool users will have a means of submitting stories about favorite woodworking and metalworking projects, or tips and techniques. To help tell their stories, they can shoot videos in their own shops. Or perhaps give a blow-by-blow description of a vintage JET tool restoration.

Hot Tools will highlight JET tool introductions throughout the year, with videos that help website visitors visualize innovations to the JET line. They also will be invited to provide opinions, and their comments will be posted. Promotions will detail the latest JET money-saving offers, contests, sweepstakes and other promos.

JET Buzz is a compilation of JET articles and reviews in the media, with links to blogs, newsletters and e-zines around the web. Also included will be outreaches to the JET woodworking and metalworking communities, such as show sponsorships and scholarships.

“We’ve spent a lot of time talking with JET tool users to understand what keeps them in the shop and how they share the experience with their families and friends,” concluded Varzino. “We want people to be enthusiastic about using JET tools and to share a common bond with other enthusiasts. The JET Shop Talk website has been designed to embody this spirit.”

Members of the JET community, as well as anyone with a passion for woodworking and/or metalworking, can show their enthusiasm, share projects, tell their stories, and more, by visiting JET Shop Talk at .

Source: Walter Meier (Manufacturing), Inc.



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