IWF 2014: Thermwood Announces "Cut Ready" Cut Center
June 6, 2014 | 11:36 am CDT

IWF 2014: Thermwood Announces "Cut Ready" Cut CenterDALE, IN - For IWF 2014, Thermwood Corporation has announced a totally new approach to making custom cabinets, closets, furniture and related items with no programming. Called a “Cut Center”, this new class of machine takes a totally different approach than traditional nested based CNC routers. Instead of the programmer generating CNC programs that tell the machine how to move, it already knows how to move. It actually knows how to make products, tens of thousands of products. Simply tell it what you want, how you want it made and it makes it.

Make Cabinets and Furniture with NO PROGRAMMING

The industry has become accustomed to nested based CNC routers, which execute CNC programs developed using sophisticated cabinet design software. These machines are highly flexible but users must master several involved technologies and must create, refine and validate everything they want to make, from scratch. They must also create a CNC program for anything they want to make. Cabinet shops that traditionally depended on woodworking skill and experience now must also develop programming and technical skills.

“Cut Centers” on the other hand, just make products, without the user becoming involved with the underlying technology. They come completely set up, fully tooled and ready to run. More importantly, unlike CNC routers which only execute CNC programs made somewhere else, cut centers actually know how to make cabinets, furniture, closets, doors, drawers, moldings and shapes. Simply select what you want, how you want it made and the machine makes it. Cut Centers are so simple that essentially anyone can operate and maintain them with virtually no training. Thermwood’s Cut Ready - Cut Center is designed to make the bulk of products that comprise the core business of most custom cabinet shops.

See at IWF 2014:

This new system will be in action at IWF 2014 in Booth #5513. 

Source: Thermwood Corporation





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