Easy DIY furniture
Building DIY furniture requires extra working spaces, time and tools for measuring, shaping, and fastening. To solve this problem, a South Korea company, COZYTEC has developed and produced a signature product for DIY furniture named Cubic’s.

Many European countries banned MDF furniture because it exposes formaldehyde which is a toxic chemical highly hazardous to the human body, and even it could cause various diseases. Compare to this, Cubic’s is eco-friendly furniture. Cubic’s is made of ABS which has no smells, no poisons, thus no sick house syndrome. 250mm thick panels are not going to get bent under the weights, and not get dump. Buyers can use the product for a long time.

Cubic’s is just like Lego bricks and is very easy to assemble and dissemble even for children. Cubic’s enables to build furniture without any tools. The only thing need is just single hand. Basically, Cubic’s consists of various components: different sizes of flats which can be adapted to any space, different shaped joints, pins, doors, keys, casts, and so on.

Also, it provides infinite possibilities to shape many kinds of furniture, such as shelves, displays, cabinets, wall shelves, monitor supports and other versatile furniture. Although it costs a bit higher than other DIY furniture, it is much economical from long-run perspective because it can be reused. If buyers want to enlarge or reduce shelves, just buy additional components to assemble or take unneeded components apart. Because of the easy assembling and disassembling, the product is really easy to carry out when move. The product has excellent safety and design in terms of round angulation. High-glossy feeling of Cubic’s looks sophisticated and classy, and it would satisfy their home decoration.

Source: Cubic’s

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