BESTAR revitalizes its look
August 15, 2011 | 5:42 pm CDT

BESTAR, a family business founded in 1948, is dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of a wide range of ready-to-assemble furniture and particle board components. To highlight its new strategic directions, BESTAR has rejuvenated its image, ensuring that its new identity illustrates the company’s three fundamental values - human considerations, environmental respect, and product quality - all presented as a coherent whole, reflecting the energy and enthusiasm of its team.

Human: BESTAR puts people first. Products are made here, by local people, for local people. BESTAR is organic, adapting to the needs of its customers and employees, and motivated by their well-being.

Environment: BESTAR thinks about tomorrow for its customers, its employees, and the community. BESTAR develops and implements manufacturing techniques, packaging methods, materials, and product lifecycles that respect the environment. In addition, over 70% of BESTAR’s purchases are made within a radius of less than 500 km.

Quality: BESTAR is synonymous with quality at all levels in its designs, materials and manufacturing, in its concern for ergonomics, as well as in its relationships with customers and partners.

The new image of BESTAR is organized around three themes:

A new logo: Our new logo reflects our new identity. It features an open, radiant character and evokes BESTAR's past as the first ready-to-assemble furniture manufacturer to design U-shaped desks. Lastly, the logo simply shows that BESTAR is there for its employees, its customers and consumers:
“BESTAR is there for U.”

A new website: Our website has been revitalized to put more emphasis on our wide product range. Users can now access a site full of useful information.
New products in 100% recyclable packaging: BESTAR is initiating an ambitious process that aims to renew its product portfolio over the next five years. Major efforts will therefore be made to market innovative products that meet consumers’ needs. Finally, significant investments have been made to change all packaging methods, which will result in removing over 70 truckloads of Styrofoam every year!

As Martin Tardif, Executive VP, explains: "Throughout our 62 years of operation, we have built an outstanding reputation for product quality and service based on the dedication and involvement of our team. We believe that close collaboration with our suppliers and customers is key in order to offer consistent quality and business solutions tailored to our customers. "

SOURCE: Bestar

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