VANCOUVER, British Columbia – Horizontal Sleep is introducing a patented sleeping system which it claims is the world’s first biodegradable bed.

The company, founded by Len Laycock, former marketing manager of IKEA, said the bed and mattress is 99.8 percent biodegradable and is made with replaceable parts so that it can last a lifetime. The mattress is reportedly free of petroleum, polymers, plastics, chemicals, coils and carbon.

The Horizontal Sleep bed frame is made from northern white ash. The frame’s Japanese-inspired joinery slides together and interlocks. The suspension system is comprised of “dual layers of slender hardwood slats that are flexible and resilient.”

The company said its bed should be especially appealing to environmentally conscious consumers. Horizontal Sleep said in the United States alone, nearly 10 billion pounds of mattress/bed waste is discarded every year.

Horizontal Sleep said its bed is being introduced after two-and-a-half years of research development and testing. The said it has “nurtured a network of technical resources,” including working with faculty of the wood sciences department at the University of British Columbia.

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