ST. THOMAS, Ontario – Element5 said it is on track to possibly begin production of cross-laminated timber before the end of the year. When completed, the 12,320-square-meter facility will be Ontario’s first operation dedicated to manufacturing mass timber to the construction industry.

The company recently began installing automated equipment from Ledinek to manufacture CLT and glulam, a major part of its planned $50 million investment. In a blog post on its website, Element5 says the fully integrated production line “does everything from lumber conditioning and finger-jointing of lam-stock to sanding and CNC machining of the finished components.

“The line also features Ledinek’s new ‘Z-Press’ which edge glues the panels and results in a superior appearance-grade finish free from cracks and gaps.” The press will be capable of producing CLT panels in variable thicknesses up to 16m by 3.5m.

Element5 already operates a mass timber manufacturing plant in Ripon, Quebec. The company said the two plants have a combined production capacity of more than 50,000 cubic meters per year.

CLT has emerged as a popular building material for floors, roofs and exterior wall panels. Glulam is used for beams and columns.


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