Research & Markets has issued a report on growth of nanocellulose in industry.
Research & Markets has issued a report on growth of nanocellulose in industry.

Wood-derived nano fibers, in the form of nanocellulose, are said to be a prime candidate for use as a sustainable materials in industries such as packaging that typically involve the high-energy intensity production of chemicals and synthetic polymers.

The potential for the market has attracted academic and research institutions, where study and development projects are being funded by government and private organizations.

An alternative to pulp, the fibers are renewable, safer to handle, and cheaper to produce, according to a report by Research & Markets. Nanocellulose materials also possess exceptional physical and chemical properties.

The market for nanocellulose continues to grow with new products on the market and new production facilities under construction.

A new study, "The Global Nanocellulose Market," updated and revised in November 2015, includes additional content from a previous edition, and features:

  • Technology description and production methods
  • Market structure, supply chain, patenting and publications
  • Production volumes, total, forecasted and by producer for The Global Nanocellulose Market
  • Markets for nanocellulose (sampel shown at right), including composites, electronics, construction, paper and pulp, filtration, medicine and life sciences, paints, films, coatings, rheological modifiers, aerogels and oil industry
  • Commercialization timelines, by market
  • Producer, research center and application developer profiles

Also included is a list of institutions where study of the technology is ongoing, and locations of pilot and commercial manufacture. Schools listed include a number that have historically studied wood manufacturing:

 - Aalto University
- Clark-Atlanta University
- Colorado School of Mines
- Georgia Institute of Technology
- Grenoble INP-Pagora
- McMaster University.
- North Carolina State University
- Oregon State University
- Paper and Fiber Research Institute (PFI)
- Pennsylvania State University
- Purdue University
- Technical University of Lodz
- University of Exeter
- University of Fribourg
- Uppsala University
- Universidade do Minho
- University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (Boku University)
- University of Toronto


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