LAS VEGAS - announced it will bring its latest Series 2 CNC moving gantry router to AWFS Fair 2015, July 22-25 in Las Vegas. Over the past two years, says it has implemented many changes based on its experience with the original Series 1 machines.  "We have put on a little weight; about 3,000 LBS on a 4 x 8," says the company.

All machines have industrial controls. Liquid ring vacuum pumps have been replaced with rotary vane pumps. All spindles are Italian made by a major manufacturer. Vacuum tables accept pods from the most popular manufacturers. "We have added several CNC technicians to better serve our customers by phone, over the internet, or on-site," says the company. 

NEW CNC Router Inc. also has announce the Smart Series 5' x 24' machine. This table size allows for continuous manufacturing using the pendulum technique. The machine can be cutting while the operator is loading or unloading the opposite end of the machine. The spindle is a 20 HP HSD liquid cooled spindle designed to handle both standard router bits as well as shaping cutters. The machine is offered with extended Z-axis clearance, and a rotary axis. Machine includes dual  vacuum pumps; 8 position carousel tool changer; 8 HSK-63 tool holders, and an assortment of collets.

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