Marketing Wood Online
U.S. Wood Industry Gets an Opportunity

Marketing Wood OnlineFor 2013 the business environment givens can now be listed: Congress has partially resolved the fiscal cliff, Obamacare is entrenched, and the housing recovery and economy are on track for solid growth.

Setting aside uncertainties – which small business owners inevitably do to keep going – means custom woodworkers can focus on sales. Critical here is getting the word out, which means online positioning. Web presence, even more than web sites, is critical.

Woodworking pros are getting increasingly savvy about online marketing – especially the next generation woodworkers.

Online Sophistication
During 2012 we saw woodshops increasing the quality and volume of digital marketing, with amazing videos and portolios. Some standouts are our own Jared Patchin at J. Alexander Fine Woodworking; Brian Grabski, Fine Woodworking; Bob Huskey, Saturn Design; Corbin Clay at Azure Furniture (right); and Adam Johnson at Withers & Grain and Malachi Milbourne at Against the Grain, both using urban and reclaimed wood as part of their business models.

A great website with social media pointing to it is now a key competency for woodworking businesses. Media pioneers are highly visible across Yelp, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Houzz, Etsy and Custommade. This area is so important Custom Woodworking Business will honor it in this April’s “Fastest Growing Woodshops” recognition program.


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