Q: Why spend money in 2009? A: 2010!

Here are my top reasons to go to  AWFS Fair  July 15-18:

  • It's the biggest woodworking trade show in North America this year.
  • You can't put off buying that sander forever.
  • A full schedule of 50 educational seminars on timely subjects is planned.
  • Grapple with the issues of the day with others in the industry.
  • I've seen hotel rates in Las Vegas as low as $16 a night. You can't even stay in Branson for that, pardner.
  • If you don't want to stay in a big hotel on the strip, you can buy a house in Las Vegas real cheap.
  • Speaking of buying, equipment exhibitors will be receptive to any offers for machines that will be displayed at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Leave extra space in your El Camino to take that dowel inserter home.
  • Find out how others in woodworking businesses like yours have survived.
  • Find out what 107F feels like.
  • Develop a strategy for your business's success over the next year.
  • See the smartShop, a fully operational cabinet shop, in action on the exhibit floor.
  • Check out the New Product Showcase and the First-Time Exhibitor Showcase.
  • You've always wanted to see New Kids on the Block. Their show is on July 11 at the Palms. Or see Donnie and Marie or Penn and Teller the week of the show.
  • Don't wait in the Green Room. Take your green question and ask an expert at the Green Desk.
  • Find out which innovative products are AWFS Sequoia Awards winners, and then see the winners on the show floor.
  • Hey, you said you weren't busy this summer!
  • Get a close look at the Fresh Wood Student Competition that highlights top designs and construction from high school and college-level students.
  • See the Belt Sander Racing Assn.'s National Championship, to be held during the show.
  • You haven't been to the Las Vegas Conventional Center in a while.
  • After making it through the past year, you need a little fun.

We hope to see you at AWFS in July. We hope you'll make the trip.

Why spend money on trade shows, marketing and advertising in 2009? The answer: 2010!

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