How many times have you looked for an air nozzle to blow dust off a part or even yourself? There are several scenarios here:

  • You can see the blow gun, but can’t reach it without letting go of the hose already in your hand, but you’ll check three times to be sure you can’t stretch just a bit more to reach it.
  • It’s not where you left it because someone else has it and they never return your tools anyway.
  • It’s under what’s on your bench not to be found until long after it’s no longer needed.
  • Or it’s taken that one- way journey to the magical place in the universe where pocketknives, reading glasses, multi-tools and the occasional wallet and car keys go to never be seen again.

I had never heard of an inline blow gun until one time visiting with a few Cabinet Makers Association members at IWF. We were talking about tiny little improvements that have really added up to something. Immediately, I pulled out my phone did an Amazon search, confirmed that I had the right thing and ordered a few. Today, if you come to my shop you’ll see nearly every hose has an inline blow gun behind the chuck. The time savings and convenience will make you mad you didn’t have it sooner. So far I have tried several brands, and Coilhose has been the only one that has stood up to daily use.



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