Coming to the rescue of trim carpenters and cabinet shops looking for a lightweight nailing option, Paslode has released the Model T250A-F-16 angled pneumatic finish nailer. As the first angled nailer in its class, the new unit is immediately attractive for such tasks as nailing up crown moulding and working in tight quarters.

Practical features

Anyone who has to heft a nailer up to the ceiling will appreciate that the new Paslode unit weighs just 3.75 pounds. The 16-gauge nailer is designed to fit between 18-gauge units that may be too light for some applications and 15-gauge nailers more prone to splitting wood in delicate mouldings and other trim.

The nailer we tested came in a blow-molded bright orange plastic case with safety glasses and instruction materials and an extra no-mar tip. The stock silver-colored trigger allows only one nail per trigger pull. A replacement orange-colored trigger is available to permit bounce nailing by holding down the trigger and bouncing the nailer along the workpiece for as many shots in a row as needed.

How it works

A textured handle gives a sure and solid grip, and a handy belt loop makes it convenient to hang the nailer at your side while measuring or positioning. The nailer did not come with an air fitting, so we installed a standard quick-connect coupling. Air consumption at 100 psi is listed as 0.040 CFM, and the unit is designed to operate at between 80 and 120 psi. We ran it at about 95 psi with good results. The air port on the top rotates so the unit is friendly to left-handed or right-handed workers in a variety of situations.

A knurled knob on the side makes it very fast and easy to adjust nail depth. The unit takes 16-guage nails from 1-1/4 to 2-1/2 inches long. Loading is through a slot in the back, and you pull back the two-step follower to seat behind the nails after you've dropped them in. Clearing jams is easy by opening a lever at the front of the unit.

For a street price of around $200, the Paslode 16-gauge angled finish nailer represents a good value in a convenient and handy professional tool. For more information, visit

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