1) What are the main goals of the association? 
A: The main goal of the association is to help our members to create and expand new markets. The USA and Canada market are big markets for woodworking machinery. Every member who sells their machines to the USA has been growing since a couple years ago. Therefore, the association has the responsibility to help our members who want to bring their products to the USA and Canada market. Also not only for USA and Canada, TWMA has been actively participating at the largest woodworking shows at different markets every year. Through these shows, we aim to establish the Made In Taiwan (MIT) high-quality image and help promote the WOOD TAIWAN 2021 Show. 
2) What types of equipment do your members sell? 
A: Our members sell many kinds of woodworking machinery and accessories, such as solid wood machinery, panel machinery, all kinds of cutter, sawblade, knife and cutting tools and more. Taiwan is especially famous for its solid wood machinery and D.I.Y tooling and equipment. The reason that Taiwan is able to maintain well development as one of the top woodworking machinery suppliers is that every MIT machinery is guaranteed with good quality production and reasonable pricing. TWMA and our members have been working with North America market for decades, so we are confident to supply the suitable products to what local producers are looking for.
3) Are your members currently selling in the USA and/or Canada? 
A: Yes, some of the members are selling their products very well in the USA and Canada market for decades. There was some loss due to the economic crisis back in 2008, but now our machinery is selling well to North America market with a good increase in demands. One of the most successful companies selling in the USA and Canada market from Taiwan is “Leadermac” machinery. 
4) What are the benefits of working with your member companies?
A: Every buyer that is interested in buying Taiwan machinery always refers us with reliable and stable machinery quality, flexible production, affordable pricing and a good value investment.
1. Reliable quality: many people know that when something is “Made in Taiwan,” it represents good quality. Besides, many of our members have been working on making woodworking machinery with over 30-40 years of manufacturing knowledge, and some of them are even over 50 years already. These Taiwan manufacturers are well educated with woodworking production and own rich experiences in building good quality woodworking machinery that fit different markets worldwide. After all, if a company is able to survive over 30 years with a limited domestic market like Taiwan, their products must be very reliable and match to what the customers from around the world are looking for.
2. Flexible production: most of our members are willing to listen and adapt to their customers’ requests on making machines. It doesn’t matter if it’s a good or a bad comment. Taiwan manufacturers can always change and modify their products if their customers’ feedbacks are right. This is also why many customers around the world like to work with Taiwan woodworking manufacturers. 
3. Valuable investment: Customers who bought Taiwan woodworking machinery from our members can always count on the machines for a very long operating life. Taiwan woodworking manufacturers always hold a high standard on our ethic and machinery quality, therefore, the products we make for customers must be very reliable. Even in the used machinery market, whenever the machine that is “Made in Taiwan (MIT)” can still sell at a very good price.
4. Affordable pricing: every customer who is used to buy Taiwan woodworking machinery knows that our machines deliver very good quality compared to the cost. Overall, Taiwan machines are strong, useful and always sold at affordable prices.   

Additional Feedback:

Communication and distance barriers used to be the main challenges for some of our members who are afraid to enter the U.S. and Canada market. Some members also think that the U.S. and Canada markets are too far away and may require a huge expense in order to expand their sales. This is how TWMA comes in to be a supporting role and helps connects US buyers with local manufacturers.
However, despite the barriers, most of the manufactures from Taiwan have been selling to the US market for decades. Many of them are selling with local agents’ brands and some are working with local dealers. At IWF, companies who exhibit under their own names are most likely doing direct sales, or they may be new brands who try to find new dealer networks. But, there are more machines that are made in Taiwan and showcased at IWF that you can imagine.

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