EWMC: Celebrating 50 years of woodworking expertise
June 30, 2020 | 10:27 am CDT
Pictured is the Synga Smart plug & play biomass solution, available from European Woodworking Machinery Co.

Had IWF  not been cancelled, it would have marked European Woodworking Machinery Co.’s 25th exhibit at the biennial event and a celebration of the company’s 50th anniversary. 

Along with the company’s range of panel processing, laminating, sanding and finishing equipment, EWMC’s display was to include the Synga Smart combined heat and power unit that turns natural renewable biomass, wood chips and other lignocellulosic biomasses, into electricity and thermal power. A fully integrated solution – from biomass loading and pretreatment, bio-syngas production and cleaning to power generation – the whole process is enclosed in one or two 20-foot standard containers, according to production needs. “No emission – no waste. Off grid or grid tied. Safe and silent! The savings on energy are remarkable,” said Ingrid Volk.

Helping woodworkers find ways to save time and energy, while improving their production process, is a priority of the company and EWMC is geared up to assist wood products manufacturers as they emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. “Our 50 years in business providing consultation, sales of new and reconditioned machinery, parts and service, have been recognized throughout the woodworking, flooring and panel industry. We have been supported by every manufacturer whose products we are selling and have sold over the years. So, with our experience over the years, we would be able to find solutions with the support of our manufacturers for the individual customers' requirements,” she said.

To stay connected with customers, EWMC’s promotional efforts have included additional advertisements, direct mailings and personal calls.

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