Using embedded chip technology and specialized QR codes, Intelligent Tooling solutions allow users to monitor tooling processes without shutting down production.  On-board information such as tool geometry, maximum RPM, direction of rotation, setting dimensions, feed rates and cutter compensation are engineered into the tools, optimizing processing functions including productivity, quality, and efficiency. This electronic connection allows for:
  • Assessment of the tool condition (wear)
  • Determination of the remaining tool life – including forecasts about performance time
  • Allocation to the machine – including optimal changing cycles
  • Allocation of maintenance parameters
  • Tool tracking
Intelligent tooling continuously gathers data, registering critical operating information to further optimize future production. Based on the data provided, a machine can set appropriate processing parameters. Additional benefits from this link include improved operational safety, trouble-free resetting of tools and simulation of machining processes. This also results in quality improvement and increased energy efficiency, as the tools are always used in the rated range adding to stable and efficient production processes.