INDIANAPOLIS - Masco cabinetry's Delta Faucet says kitchen design will see continued  use of industrial accents in 2014. Prominent neutrals will be paired with complex patterns, and conventional style categories will converge, mixing contemporary and traditional styles.

The ever-evolving style curve is important when updating kitchens, since investments in these home remodeling project can result in up to a 75% return on investment at the time of sale, according to a Remodeling Magazine report.

Projections are critical to Masco's Delta Faucet, says Judd Lord, its director of industrial design,  products are developed years in advance.

"We rely on the inspiration found all around us," Judd says. "Everything from the sleek lines of the newest automobiles, to the fabrics used in high fashion runways, is taken into consideration."

For 2014, Delta sees a more sophisticated use of "industrial accents," which once narrowly represented the integration of professional ranges and stainless steel. Now the trend has broadened to allow homeowners to build eclectic charm with unique materials reminiscent of architectural salvage. To build this look, accents stay in their simplest form, with light fixtures stripped down to sockets and wires, open metal shelving stacked with cast iron cookware, and reclaimed wood elements to reinforce this look with minimal cost.

Prominent neutrals paired with complex patterns, with neutrals more prominent in the kitchen, especially on walls, flooring and cabinetry. While white will continue to be the msot popular kitchen  cabinet and design color, shades of beige and gray will also grow in popularity. There will also be an increased desire for bolder patterns as neutrals dominate the color landscape. High-end wood, like zebra or cherry, and complex patterns will add intrigue to otherwise muted palettes.

Expect to see unique blends as conventional style categories lessen and homeowners try to make a space uniquely their own, mixing traditional and contemporary styles; old and new; DIY and high-end materials; as well as rustic and sleek to create a look reflective of the homeowner's individual personality. This convergence of styles will allow homeowners to explore how new colors, finishes and texture can affect their overall aesthetic.

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