A dry fit is the first test of a project, but in these designs by Georgia Tech student Shel Han, the design makes the furniture stable.  
Shelly Han’s Expose collection is a set of furniture that features purely knock-down joinery, interlocking sandwiches of plywood panel twisting and sliding together, snapping positively in place with all the pieces fitting together without glue or nails. "The series of knock-down plywood joinery and furniture design is inspired by traditional wood joineries," Han says. 
Han, who shows other furniture designs at her website, is completing the Master of Industrial Design program at Georgia Tech's Industrial and Product Design school. 
"Exposing the joinery rather than hiding them tells the story of the assembly and reveals the beauty of the joineries," says Han. "The assembly and disassembly could be done with minimal use of tools.The wood knock-down joineries brings the story of craftsmanship, and also have less chance of causing damage than mechanical fasteners. CNC fabrication was used because it  has the advantages of making the joineries fit precisely and the manufacturing process is repeatable and transferable." 

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