IGP matches Le Corbusier colors in powder coating line
IGP says it has licensed colors and been approved by Le Corbusiers Claviers de Couleurs in its IGP-DURA xal line of power coatings. 
IGP North America says the product colors covered under the agreement to bring Le Corbusiers creations to life took two years for experienced IGP pigment experts and coating technicians to reproduce the original color templates within strict tolerance limits. The result of their efforts, the IGP powder coating collection “Claviers de Couleurs,”  is also subject to regular checks and by the approval of Les Couleurs Suisse AG (www.lescouleurs.ch), the licensee of Fondation le Corbusier.
"This is a great honor, only select companies from the various sectors in architecture and design were granted the original license to use the 'Polychromie Architecturale' from Les Couleurs Suisse AG. IGP is the only powder coating company granted this license. A backgrounder from IGP available in a 31-page PDF summarizes his color theory:
Le Corbusier is considered modernity’s most influential architect. He was instrumental in shaping our perception of modern architecture and modern-day living in general. His multifaceted work, however, was not just confined to visionary architecture and bold urban development plans: Le Corbusier also created impressive works of art – including paintings, sculptures and collages – and designed numerous iconic pieces of furniture. To him, the visual arts as a whole represented a “single symphonic phenomenon.”
His color theory is based on his comprehensive experience of structure, volume and colour, Le Corbusier developed purist chromatics for modern architecture. This is based on harmonization with the colors of nature on the one hand and on the consistently experienced psychological and spatial effects of specific colours on the other hand. Creating harmony through mutual interrelationships between the colours on the one hand and between space and proportions on the other is a primary aim of Le Corbusier’s “Architectural Polychromy”
The features of IGP-DURA xal creates the original deep-matte, velvety finish quality of the “ready-to-use oil paint coatings on rolls” as Le Corbusier used to call his wallpaper collections. "With its excellent characteristics and its extraordinary color depth, IGP-DURA xal is predestined to represent Le Corbusier’s 'Polychromie Architecturale' in amazing fashion around the world," the company says. 

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