Christopher Nolan’s 2010 film Inception brought viewers into a world where dreams could be manipulated, controlled and coordinated by the dreamer. This near-limitless ability allowed characters to build entire cities using their minds, ones which could defy the laws of both gravity and reason.

Fans of the movie will appreciate a new coffee table inspired by one of the film’s iconic scenes, and those unfamiliar with the film will certainly be captivated by its dreamlike feel and intricate detail.

Mousarris, a design firm that produces high quality furniture and other products, has realized the ‘wave city’ coffee table. It’s a table that bends a landscape of a city in half, and uses the overlapping surface as a tabletop. Illustrating an urban sidewalk abounding in painstakingly detailed skyscrapers sounds like quite an interesting piece of furniture on its own, but bend it in half – and a whole new concept has emerged. It becomes surreal.

Cyprus-based designer and company head Stelios Mousarris built the table from wood, steel and 3D printing technology. A limited edition piece, the table can be purchased directly from Mousarris for €5000 or around $5,400.

Stelios Mousarris is a Cypriot based designer with a bachelor degree in modelmaking, having worked for Fosters and Partners as a modelmaker and for Duffylondon as an assistant designer. In 2014 he stepped into the design world by starting his own company Mousarris, with the aim to produce high quality pieces of furniture and other products.

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