Optimizing Lumber Yield - Cut Less, Get More: Free Webcast

Lumber pricing is on the rise. Getting usable cuts from every cubic inch of lumber has never been more important to your profit margin.

In this free webcast (originally broadcast on February 27, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. CT, 2:00 p.m. ET), TigerStop's Mike Anderson and Pollmeier's Doug Martin will examine how to optimize yield in woodshop ripping and cross cutting. You'll hear about steps to save as much as 30% on material costs, while still getting the parts you need.

Presenters will explain how automating your existing saws can eliminate paperwork and hand calculations. Learn the steps to simplified material logistics, ripping and crosscutting so efficiently, you deliver wood parts into production exactly in the quantities you need, on a just-in-time basis -exactly when you need it.

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Optimizing Lumber Yield - Cut Less, Get More: Free WebcastOptimizing Lumber Yield - Cut Less, Get More: Free Webcast
Optimizing Lumber Yield - Cut Less, Get More: Free Webcast

What you'll learn:
• How to run saws lean
• Rip and crosscut what you need, as you need it
• What to expect from your lumber supplier 
• How to simplfy material logistics in your shop 

Who should attend:
• Cabinet Shops
• Furniture Manufacturers
• Moulding & Millwork Shops 
• Door Manufacturers 


Optimizing Lumber Yield - Cut Less, Get More: Free Webcast

Doug Martin
President, N.A. Sales
Pollmeier Inc. 

Doug Martin is President of North America Sales and Marketing at Pollmeier Inc., Portland, OR, in charge of sales and marketing for Pollmeier Beech lumber to the North American woodworking industry. Before Pollmeier he spent 10 years with Northwest Hardwood, selling hardwood lumber from their 14 sawmills to the furniture, cabinet, distribution and millwork industries on the West Coast.

Optimizing Lumber Yield - Cut Less, Get More: Free Webcast

Mike Anderson
Southeast Regional Sales Manager

Mike Anderson is responsible for sales and dealer relationships in the Southeast region of North America. Prior to TigerStop, he worked for over 15 years for Weinig, where he was a technician, product manager and key account manager. He has a specialization in rip and crosscut optimization.




 Bill Esler
Editorial Director,
Woodworking Network

Bill Esler is responsible for coordinating all content for Wood Products, Custom Woodworking Businesss, and Closets magazines, Woodworkingnetwork.com, along with related newsletters. He also chairs the Woodwork Career Alliance Education Committee, the woodworking industry education advocacy arm of WCA.

Panel Sizing: New Ways to Maximize Yield  

Raw material pricing is on the rise, so getting more from each panel during production is critical.


Our experts will present ways to reduce waste, including some new approaches that rely on increasingly  on machine intelligence to calculate the best cut patterns, and automated materials handling to minimize damage during material transfer.

We’ll take a look at panels produced in unique dimensions to further enhance yield in live production. Advantages of using prefinished panels to increase throughput, reduce factory emissions and improve overall manufacturing efficiency will also be examined.



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