Installation webinar: Watch the on-demand presentation
July 22, 2020 | 11:45 am CDT
A walk-in closet installation.

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A successful finished project first starts with a creative design and then becomes fully functional and inspired during the manufacturing, however, all it takes is a few hiccups during the installation process to turn success into failure and turn a happy customer into a disgruntled one.
"Your installer is the last salesperson in the house. He's your most important person to make sure the company gets a good review," said Eric Marshall, Kitchens and Closets by DEA.
In a recent webinar on July 15, Marshall shared several tips and strategies on how to build a successful installation team through training including assigning a lead installer and developing a safety protocol. He also shared his thoughts on truck versus van and how to buildout the interior of the transportation vehicle to ensure the safe transport of tools as well as the installation project. 
Marshall also discussed the types of tools installers need the most on the job as well proper maintenance and how to deal with uneven walls and other challenges on the jobsite.  To learn more, view the presentation on installation on-demand. Also, the Association of Closet and Storage Professionals (ACSP) will offer a follow up webinar on the topic in August.

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