SAN JOSE, Calif. - According to Henry Nisiobincki, the idea that each item is unique holds true more than in any other industry.
Losing a part in a production line can wreak havoc. Even something as small as a hinge or plastic footer, or as non-descritpt as a toekick, means a divergence from a smooth workflow. Hunting around for parts, or sidelining a kitchen project that is missing something, throws a monkey wrench in operations, and draws attention to handling a variance rather than focusing on throughput. 
By tracking individual parts, Nisiobincki (below), RFID Program Manager at cabinetry giant American Woodwork, faced this challenge as he guided the company to benefit from RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology.

"The questions we asked were, how could we identify the unique history of each unique part?  And how can we use that information to help measure quality, control process flows, and improve inventory accuracy?"
Nisiobincki said that by using integrated RFID technology to create a unique identity for each piece, American Woodmark Corporation has seen continuous benefit and value.  He will show how a simple low-cost addition to each piece can be the solution for endless cost-savings, as well as the platform for future innovation. 
He will profile American Woodmark's RFID integration during a panel presentation at EBC 2019 in San Jose. 
At American Woodmark Corporation, Nisiobincki manages the RFID Program from a corporate level.

He works closely with the organization's manufacturing plants to understand processes, identify key issues, and develop unique and innovative RFID technology solutions to relieve those issues. 
His career at American Woodmark started in IT Development and IT Project Management before transitioning into RFID. Nisiobincki shared some of his firm's unique and extensive application of RFID at the Leadership Forum at IWF 2018. The panel discussion of Manufacturing Execution Systems takes place at the 2019 Executive Briefing Conference in San Jose, April 14-16.

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