COLLINSVILLE, Ok. - Jeff Finney, owner of Ultimate Cabinet Components, interviewed Bill Esler, Senior Editor at Woodworking Network in a PushThru Podcast to discuss the 2019 Executive Briefing Conference. The 15th annual conference is full of speakers that almost never leave the play and don't speak at the large Woodworking events.

"This being the first year EBC is hosted by Woodworking Network, they’ve gone above and beyond to make the conference the must-attend event of 2019," says Finney, who is the founder of Ultimate Cabinet Components, based in Collinsville, Oklahoma. For more of his shop insights, check out his articles at or listen to his podcasts at Jeff is also a 2018 Wood Industry 40 Under 40 honoree.

Listen to the end of the interview with Bill Esler and find out how to get a $200 discount to the conference.

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