ATLANTA - During IWF 2016, Stiles Machinery previewed plans for its annual Technology Tour, which will include a visit to Holzma headquarters later this month.
There the module45 will premier. It allows bevel cuts to be made directly on a Holzma saw, quickly, simply, and at infinitely variable angles. The supplementary processing unit will be formally premiered to participants in Stiles Machinery's European Technology Tour this month.
The Holzma module45 is available for the HPP 130 and for all series 2,3 and 4 models.According to Homag, the module45 is 
• Retrofittable (depending on age and model)
• Minimal investment cost 
• Simple one-man operation
• Less scrap and higher quality due to lower transport
damage since material stays on the machine
Coupled with beam saws to improve efficiency, Holzma is launching the TLF 211 automatic plane storage system, which can accommodate and manage all panels up to the biggest standard format 18.37 feet  (5,600 mm) x 7.7 feet (2,200 mm). 
The Daxenberger // Saw and store combination is said to increase productivity by up to 40 percent, combining a saw and a storage system. It opens up
measurable time and efficiency benefits by optimizing machine capacity utilization and minimizing space requirement for stocked panels. The plane
storage system TLF 211 from Homag Automation offers spectacular potential for optimization: Transportation distances are saved, generating more space for panels.
The suction traverse “ST 61” takes care of transport within the store and transfer to the HPP 300 from HOLZMA. And idle running times almost never occur. The Daxenbergers have created a significant competitive benefit simply due to time savings achieved through the greater speed of the automatic horizontal storage system. This allows a productivity increase of up to 40 percent.

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