A look at past favorites as Young Wood Pro excitement builds
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Martin Goebel of Goebel & Co. Furniture won in 2014 for his classic table featuring World War II surplus, aircraft-grade sugar pine. The base is created in solid 5”x5” walnut timbers, while a black toning of joinery was used to ‘low-light’ joinery detailing to silhouette major connections. 

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Dylan Horst won in 2015 for his undulating ash and benge Wave table. Dylan built the Wave table as the capstone project during his recently completed two-year certificate program at Conestoga College in Ontario.

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Mark Welle's Executive Ivory was one of our all-time favorites. 

"The heart of my inspiration is rooted in the hard maple legs which emulate elephant tusks. The curvature of the legs are a landmark which all other aspects manifest from. The top features a solid Mozambique wrap with a camphor burl, figured maple, and fumed larch marquetry veneer pattern. The fumed larch is also used on all of the curved side panels."

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Another favorite from 2018. Creator Mitch Jenkins says:
The wooden flag project is made all separate pieces of select pine, stained with black stain, to remember those fallen firefighters. This flag has the cherry wood inlay badge that is lasered to match our badge. The flag is 19.5 inches tall and 37 inches long. The last name and stars and the badge are all inlaid with a digital wood carver CNC, which is made locally. A CNC laser attachment did the badge engraving.
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Jon Miller's beautiful spiral harp made out of Indian Rosewood (Sissoo) and a curly maple graduated bridge to make it all work.

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Max Burson's ash and iroko B3 Bicycle. Max says:
"Here is a wood bicycle I recently made that is fully functional. I did everything from design to manufacturing and applying components to make it work."
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From Brian Grabski:
"Water jet cut marble seamlessly ties into the custom cabinetry wrapping the circular window. All rift white oak parts manufactured on a 3 axis router, including the applied moldings and curved crown."
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Pittsburg State's Kort McDonough nominated a project that he and 11 other students completed in their Production Techniques Class. Over a 15-week period, they designed and built 13 of these entertainment centers. Each student was given a role representative of a modern woodshop.

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2018 finalist Artur Hyc designed and created this baby grand piano crib. "It's perfect for next big artist," he said.

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And finally 2018's winner:

27-year-old woodworker Nathan Deal won the 2018 Young Wood Pro contest for his 17-foot Great Auk Kayak. Deal, who operates Against the Grains Art in Norman, Oklahoma, said the 17-foot-long Great Auk Kayak he entered in the contest was the first boat he’d ever built. But it turned out spectacularly with western red cedar strips accented by curly maple.

Entries are being accepted for the popular Young Woodworking Professionals competition, which recognizes outstanding projects and the young wood pros that created them. The free competition is Woodworking Network's salute to woodworkers aged 18-35. Entries will be accepted from November 5 until January 4.
Check out a slideshow of the competition's previous winners, finalists, and favorites above. 

How to Enter #youngwoodpro

Between now and Jan. 5, simply post photos of your project and a brief description on Twitter, Instagram or at Woodworking Network's Facebook page, using the hashtag #youngwoodpro. When posting on Twitter or Instagram, be sure to mention @WoodworkingBiz (Twitter) and @WoodworkingNetwork (Instagram).
Any type of project can be entered, including cabinetry, furniture, millwork or simply artistic. Qualifying entries will be voted on by fans on Woodworking Network's Facebook page beginning January 7. From the top 10 vote-getters, a winner will be selected by our judges.
The winner will be named at the co-located Wood Pro Expo/Cabinets & Closets Expo 2019.
The winner also will receive a write-up on WoodworkingNetwork.com and mentioned in publications.

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